The 5 apps we use to fill five minutes of free time

We all do it. When we have some time on our hands, we take our cellphones out and start doing some random stuff.


We thought it’d be nice to share our favorite apps to fill five minutes of spare time, without wasting those five minutes looking at pictures of cats on 9gag. To be honest, we also enjoy the occasional kitten, but we think it’s best to get in the habit of systematically being productive when you have time on your hands, instead of systematically wasting that time.

So, that being said, here’s our favorite apps to do just that.


1. Audible
As we’ve said before, and we’ll probably say a thousand times more, Audible has changed our lives. Audible lets you listen to audiobooks on your cellphone. Whenever I have a few minutes, for example when I’m walking from my car to wherever I need to be, I listen to 5 minutes of my current read.


2. StumbleUpon
We’ve only recently discovered StumbleUpon ourselves, but it’s currently our second-most used app. In short, you tell the app which topics you’re interested in and whenever you click the Stumble button, the app finds a new article to read that fits within your interests. Seems to work really well for us. The app also allows you to store your favorite ‘Stumbles’ in lists for later use.


3. Quora
Quora is basically a forum of (mostly) very smart people that ask eachother questions and provide eachother with high-quality answers. Just like on StumbleUpon, Quora allows you to select your interests and curates the content for you. You’ll also be able to join the discussion and provide your own answers or ask a ton of questions you’ve always wanted to know the answer to.


4. Wunderlist
Basically, Wunderlist is a to do list – but a really good one. Wunderlist has an app, desktop and online version, which all integrate seamlessly.


5. Slack
Slack is a great way to communicate within teams. It’s basically a combination of skype, whatsapp and dropbox. Same here, Slack has an app, desktop and online version which all work perfectly.

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