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Hi, I'm Timothy


I was born in 1988 and graduated as a Master in Mechanical Engineering at the KULeuven. Currently in Sydney, Australia. Working on setting up Moviemento here.


I read/listen around 3 audiobooks per week and never want to stop learning and improving. I learned a lot in the past years. Improving my people skills and gaps in skill and knowledge through a lot of the resources we show on this website.


I love to travel, spend time with my friends and family, cooking, working out, lego, creating and helping people.

I hope that with ReadRoute we can help young people find their route to success and happiness!


You can find me at these events, come say hi!


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Hi, I’m David.


I deeply hate wasting time, my own and others’ alike.


I’ve spent the last couple of years improving my own productivity and learning how to work efficiently with other people. I read one book every week, watched nearly all TED Talks, follow productivity topics on quora and have found some very interesting Youtube channels to spend my idle moments learning.


The goal of ReadRoute is to share these resources, to help you find those books that are worth reading and videos worth watching and to limit the time you waste reading books and watching videos that are not worth your time.


We’ll help you waste less time.


Follow me on snapchat @davidvdlaan

What to expect?

  • Check out the "Coming up"-section on the bottom of the books page
  • Blog posts and articles weekly. Disclaimer: frequency may fluctuate! 😉
  • Content we like, books or non-books, WILL end up on this site one way or another!
  • Feel free to give some feedback and we'll do our best to incorporate it

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