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Have a little faith


With the risk of losing some of our religiously-inclined readers, we’re not religious. Why are we telling you to have faith?

The basic jist of it is as follows: We’d like you to change the default way you think, mostly how you think about yourself. Have a little faith in yourself. Some of what follows might seem a bit over-confident, but keep an open mind. I strongly believe that making a continuous effort to build the right habits will really improve my life – especially in the long run. Below are some of the heuristics I try to incorporate in my thinking habits.


Just do it.

If you have a good idea or feel like something should be done, take action. If you take a walk down the street and speak to five strangers, it’s likely that four of them will tell you they’ve had the idea for Facebook, Twitter and Apple loooong before these companies made it big. Well congratulations, so did the rest of us. An idea is worth nothing without execution. Want to do something? Do it.


Can’t change it? Don’t worry about it

Always believe that you will succeed, but don’t feel too bad if you don’t right away. The road to success might be curvy, but eventually it will lead somewhere. I’ve seen some people become pretty depressed worrying about things they couldn’t change. Don’t put yourself through this. Do everything you can to succeed. If you can’t find a solution, change the rules, but if the game is cancelled because of rain, don’t beat yourself up.


Don’t assume anyone knows better.

Learn to listen to your own intuition. It won’t always be right, but at least you’ll know you made the call yourself. The single least attractive trait in any person, in my humble opinion, is lack of confidence. This habit might not always be the best advice, obviously someone knows some things better than you or me, but systematically assuming you know best will be a great confidence builder. That being said..


If you’re wrong, admit it.

Nothing is worse than someone who can’t admit he’s wrong. Make it a habit to admit your wrongs without delay, people will respect you for it and you won’t look like a stubborn idiot. Both in your professional life and even more so at home, admit your wrongs, apologize and improve.


If something needs doing, do it right away.

Don’t postpone, it’s rarely worth it. If the trash bag is full, put in a new one. If your house is a mess, clean it up. If you do something right away, you’ll feel content with yourself – postpone the dishes, and you’ll feel bad about still having to do them until you do.



In short, actively build the following into your way of thinking: Have faith in yourself, by default and without exception. If something needs to be done, do it. Right away and if something happens that you couldn’t possibly change, don’t worry about it.


Don’t be average

The average person is just that, average. On average, there must be more average people than exceptional ones, otherwise it just wouldn’t make sense. But that doesn’t have to be you. Enough with the wordplay.


I’ll tell you what I see many people around me doing, to my regret. They never question authority and always accept what people tell them – even if they have a feeling the person doing the telling doesn’t know much, they always seem to feel like they know even less. Please, have some faith in yourself and don’t just follow others around thinking, or hoping, they know what’s best.


Let’s take a look at the average life, which goes something like this. Go to college because you’re supposed to, get a job with good benefits and sit at your desk for 40 hours each week – of which you probably only needed about 8 to get your work done. Go on holiday overseas once or twice a year, depending on how much you can spend after paying your mortgage. Oh right, of course you bought a house and got a 30 year mortgage hanging above your head. Spend the rest of your life sitting in front of your desk, hoping you don’t get fired. Think about starting your own business or writing a book – but never do it. All in all, spend your life trying not to get notices – fly under the radar and stay average untill you lie there in your average grave.


Unless. Unless you wake up and think about what you actually want in life. If you make a conscious choice to do all of the above, because your priorities lie with your family life, all the better for you. But please, think deeply about whatever you choose to do. Want to write a book? Get started. Want to travel the world? Start planning and book your tickets as soon as possible. Nothing will happen if you don’t make it – and if you don’t, you know where you’re headed.


Now, what should you do?

Start reading, be it books or audiobooks – open up to new ideas and broaden your perspective.

Figure out what you really want in life – sit around, meditate, take a long walk – whatever you need to do to get the engines going.

Make a plan and start working to achieve whatever it is you want – get started today, take a step in the right direction every day from now on.


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