Step 1 - Start with the why

Simon Sinek has taught us that whenever you’re asked to do something or when you’re asking someone to do something for you, you should always start with the why. We’ll follow his advice in our first step on the route to self-improvement.


The why - We want to help you become a better version of yourself

Why should you care about improving yourself? So many people don’t.

We started ReadRoute to help people find the resources they need to become a better version of themselves. The focus will be on habits of the individual, dealing with others, working in a company and living in today’s society.


The how - We'll share books, audiobooks, blog, talks and youtube channels that helped us improve

Don’t spend every free moment watching sitcoms or listening to the radio. Realise what your time is worth. We’ll get you on your way by showing you where to find the stuff worth reading and the videos worth watching. Along the way, we’ll help you form the right habits to keep improving every day.


The what - Every week, we'll share 3 steps on the route to self-improvement and add a few book recommendations

Listen to audiobooks in the car and when you’re cooking, read a book before going to sleep and watch ted talks instead of sitcoms.

Make self-improvement a daily habit, we’ll share about 3 steps every week.

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