Step 4 - Listen to audiobooks

Let’s say you live to be 80 years. From the time you’re 18 until the day you die, on average you’ll sleep 7 hours, drive 1 hour, work 9 hours (including the mid-day 30 min powernap) and spend 3 hours watching tv. That leaves four hours buffer for whatever else you may do.


Assume this example is at least sort of accurate for the average human being in a western country. Such a person would spend 4 hours either in the car listening to the radio or watching tv, in other words, he would spend an accumulated 10 years watching tv and listening to the radio during his lifetime.


Now, imagine you’d spend these 10 years learning instead of wasting time.


When you’re in the car or doing housework, audiobooks allow you to do just this. Honestly, my life has changed for the better since I started listening to audiobooks. Make a habit out of this, and thank us later.


At home, you’re better of reading a book than watching random tv shows and commercials. Even if you’re not in the mood for reading, but still want to find a more productive way of wasting your time, tune into or Youtube and look at content that matters.


One of the key reasons we started ReadRoute is to help you waste your time more productively. Have a look around the site, we’re sure you will discover something you like.


In conclusion, the key habit we want to get across today is, please, listen to audiobooks. Check the video for some great tips on making reading a habit.