by Gary Vaynerchuck


One Entrepreneur's Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness

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Gary Vaynerchuck, aka GaryVee, is an entrepreneur, social media rockstar and straight-up hustler.


Gary’s Youtube series ‘Ask GaryVee’  is a place where followers can ask Gary questions & he shares his thoughts with us - often brutally honest. We listened to the Audiobook version of #AskGaryVee, which is basically a well-curated version of the questions follower’s asked with a response by Gary. We’d definitely recommend the audiobook over printed page, simply because Gary’s level of enthusiasm is too damn high to capture in the written word.

Gary is a pure-bred motivator. You can not listen to Gary Vaynerchuck and not get completely pumped up about getting to work on your own ideas. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Gary, I don’t think we would’ve started readroute.com, so you all know who to blame or thank.