Crush It!

by Gary Vaynerchuck

Crush it!

Cash in on your passion

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Gary Vaynerchuck, aka GaryVee, is an entrepreneur, social media rockstar and straight-up hustler.


In Crush it, Gary does a great job explaining the way he looks at the world.

Crush it offers great advice on how to thrive in the social media age, both as an individual and as a company. Although Gary’s thought on social media were enlightening, we’ve felt like there even was more to gain from this book outside that subject.


Gary is a pure-bred motivator. You can not listen to Gary Vaynerchuck and not get completely pumped up about getting to work on your own ideas. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Gary, I don’t think we would’ve started, so you all know who to blame or thank.


David’s thoughts on Crush it

If I could take 5 books with me on a five week trip to the desert, I would take 4 books authored by Gary - and that’s only because he hasn’t released a fifth yet..