Finance for executives

By Viallet & Hawawini

Finance for Executives

Even if you're not an executive (yet), this stuff will come in handy one day

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Finance for Executives teaches you the theory (and practice through exercises) of finance without going into too much detail. Hence part of the title “for executives” ie. if you want to be CEO - what do you need to know.

It’s perfect for people with a non-financial background - Finance for Executives starts out with the basics (balance sheets etc.) and continues with financial diagnosis (liquidity, operational efficiency, cash flows, profitability), investment, financing and business decisions. All of this with nice examples, problems and exercises.

For me this was an eye-opener since my university education has a technical/engineering background and I really wanted some extra knowledge on this matter. I learned more about how to read a balance sheet, managerial balance sheets, cash flows, working capital, NPV and cost of capital.

All of the above has had a remarkably positive effect on my job, as this better understanding of finance widened my view as a project manager.

Buying it 2nd hand in perfect condition was a nice plus, it is an expensive book and given the nature of it, I do recommend you buy it in hardcover.

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