Getting things done

by David Allen

Getting Things Done

Stop waking up in the middle of the night stressed-out about work

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Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night stressed-out about something you forgot or can't forget?

If so, you need to read Getting Things Done by David Allen. A bulletproof way of managing your work (and/or life!) without forgetting things and increase your productivity.


David Allen explains what do to & how to do it, albeit in a 1980's format. The basic principles (the why's) of Getting Things Done are timeless. 


Timothy's lessons from Getting Things Done by David Allen:

In a very ad hoc business (industrial projects, service & maintenance) I used to forget a bunch of things daily, waking up in the middle of the night, forgetting things etc. The reason for this, I now realise, was a cluttered mind full of things that needed get done. 


Now I use my own tweaked and 21st century way of Getting Things Done. I adapted David Allen's methods to Outlook & iOS and now I never forget stuff anymore - even the details - and provide our clients with better service and better results!


How I Get Things Done? Take a look:

  • Every thing I need to do gets written down. Most of the time in iOS Reminders. Sometimes directly into my work to do list. Sometimes in my notebook (in most factories phones are banned in most area's because of explosion hazard and ATEX-norms)
  • Things I don't need to be constantly reminded of get a calendar or outlook task reminder in the future when i do need to get reminded.
  • Every outgoing email gets a dated flag (outlook task) for when I really need the answer - because other people don't use Getting things done they need to be reminded a lot!
  • Grocery shopping (and other) list(s) in iOS-notes
  • My e-mail is organised in a way so my inbox is always empty. Empty inbox = a clear & zen mind! 
  • Most notifications (on phone & laptop) are turned off to increase flow & efficiency. This way I'm not disturbed in any way and get things done!

Take a look at this 2 minute YouTube-video that does a great job explaining the principles of David Allen's Getting Things Done:

If you have more time to kill, take a look at David Allen's TEDx-talk: