By Chip & Dan Heath

Made to Stick

Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

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In Made to Stick you learn about the SUCCES-model for communicating effectively:

  • Simple — find the core of any idea
  • Unexpected — grab people's attention by surprising them
  • Concrete — make sure an idea can be grasped and remembered later
  • Credible — give an idea believability
  • Emotional — help people see the importance of an idea
  • Stories — empower people to use an idea through narrative

Made to Stick - SUCCES-Model - POSTER

You can download a nice poster of the above model by clicking below. Print it out and hang it on your wall. Every time you send an email or try to make something stick, keep it in mind.

Timothy's toughts on Made to Stick and the SUCCES-model:

I first heard about the SUCCES-model in a course on Change Management. We were shown the SUCCES-model and asked to apply it in a presentation. The audience was moved by our story and the message stuck making the exercise (and our presentation) a great succes(s).

Afterwards, I listened to the Made to Stick audiobook and decided to hang the poster on the wall next to my desk since it's such a simple way to communicate effectively.

Made to Stick is a really nice book about communicating effectively. The book is filled with great examples and a lot of professional people can learn a thing or two (or 6) from this book and the SUCCES-model.


David's thoughts on Made to Stick:

Made to Stick, well it stuck.

Just finished reading, well listening to, Made to Stick and I can honestly say this has been one of the best books I've read so far. Great storytelling and a perfect build-up to the final conclusion of the book - the SUCCES-model, as discussed above. Chip & Dan do an awesome job explaining when to use statistics to convince people (not often) and when (and why) a story will be more effective.

Definitely worth a read if you want to improve your ability to convince people to take action.


If you want to check out a short recap of Made to Stick and the SUCCES-model before reading it, the following 2-part youtube video is a nice watch: