Rich dad, poor dad

by Robert Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

A house might not be your best investment

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This book will overhaul your viewpoint on your career and personal finance.

"How do the rich raise their children? Does school prepare children for the real world?"

The author has seen first hand the difference in educational style between the rich and poor.
On the one hand he was raised by his biological father, his poor dad, a highly educated teacher. On the other, he was groomed by the father of a close friend, a father who later in life became one of the richest men in Hawaii. In the broadest lines, the key difference can be found in the central philosophy of both dads.

Poor Dad
Go to school, get good grades, look for a safe job with great benefits.
In other words, join the rat race and climb the corporate ladder.

Rich dad
Learn to understand how money works, own your own corporation and hire smart people.
In other words, own the corporate ladder.