by Jeff & JJ Sutherland


The art of doing twice the work in half the time

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Scrum is a rugby formation (that's were its name comes from). Today, Scrum project management is used as a way to manage work in teams and projects


Jeff Sutherland is the Co-creator of scrum and in his book you'll really see how to do twice the work in half the time.

In Scrum project management, teams (up to 7 or so people) do short sprints (1 week) and afterwards evaluate their progress and also their way of work. Using the scrum project management method, teams can learn and improve weekly.


Non-IT businesses can also implement scrum using the same steps and organisation and use it in project management and other fields.


A great resource on scrum (after reading this book) and other ways of project management is


Timothy's lessons from scrum for project management:

I heard of scrum studying lean but always wondered what it was. By reading Scrum by Jeff Sutherland I got the tools I needed to understand and implement Scrum. I highly recommend this book to everyone, not just project managers or IT developers.


I myself use scrum (and lean) in my job as a project manager. Scrum is used to my team in the field & in the office. All of this in an industrial service company.


Evaluating every project with the team and learning how to improve the next time. This way, we make progress after every project and stay ahead of our competitors who probably never heard of scrum!