Story Based Selling

by Jeff Bloomfield

Story Based Selling

Create, Connect & Close

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A short recap of Story Based Selling by Jeff Bloomfield

Communication is key
The non-verbal and right brain play a big part in this. Ironically, Jeff Bloomfield starts Story Based Selling with a rather technical story about why we should use stories to sell stuff. It's all about the communication and people listen better to you when they like you and trust you. How to get people to trust you? Tell a great story & connect with them!


The Story Based Selling Tackle Box
In the second part of Story Based SellingJeff Bloomfield gives us some tools to tell a great story.

There are two kinds of stories.

  • Relation-focused stories build relationships and gain trust.
  • Persuasion-focused stories are used to guide your customer in his decision making process.

In Story Based Selling, these stories consist of five elements that form the story lifeline:

  • Purpose
  • Connection
  • Barrier or conflict
  • Aha Factor
  • Resolution

If you can build a story with multiple layers, each consisting of the five elements you are on your way to making a connection with your customer and therefore, making a sale.

To build this story, there are four techniques you can use:

  • Personal illustration
  • Metaphor
  • Analogy/Simile
  • Visual aid/prop

Throw these all together and you're good to go!


More on connecting with your customer
In the final part of Story Based SellingJeff Bloomfield talks about overcoming objections, humility & vulnerability, change and other stuff that has some nice overlap with Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.


David's thougths on Story Based Selling by Jeff Bloomfield:

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Timothy's thougths on Story Based Selling by Jeff Bloomfield

If you want to learn about how to sell, Story Based Selling is a great, short (130 pages) read to get you started. Jeff Bloomfield touches on a lot of basic but key principles of human interaction. Story Based Selling begins with the evolution of communication, touches on how the brain works and provides you with a solid procedure to tackle most sales calls. A real nice book about people skills with a focus on sales!


Who is Jeff Bloomfield?

Jeff Bloomfield talks about sales and leadership through neuroscience. Check out his blog and website on

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