How to get the interview and win the job.

A while back, we gave a workshop to a bunch of students about applying for jobs.


Throughout this session, we’ve zoomed in on four topics related to ‘the job hunt’.


1. What is important. Why is importanter

Most people have some sense of what they want to do.
“I want to be a stock broker”, or whatever.

That’s fine, more than fine actually, but if you can’t answer the question “Why do you want to be a stock broker”, you might have some thinking to do.

The what matters, the why matters more.


2. They want you. Want them too?

Let’s get one things straight, companies are constantly looking for great people. Companies that are not looking for great people are companies you don’t want to work for anyway.

You are great at what you do. Nothing wrong with a little self-confidence.
Especially when the alternative is a lack thereof.

Reverse the reasoning and ask yourself: “Alright, so I’ve got this offer, but do I really want to work here?”. Don’t jump at the first offer you get. Learn from others’ mistakes.


3. How do you do? The interview.

Well, long story short, don’t be a dick and don’t make a fool of yourself.
Check out “How to win friends and influence people”, by Dale Carnegie.


4. Grow, grow, grow, your boat.

So you got the job, congratulations. Now what?

Keep growing, your own boat and  the boat you’re in. Do all you can to keep learning and to push your organisation forward.


Throughout the workshop, we’ve tried to give as many home-grown examples as possible, coupled with some practical tips and personal experiences. Besides that, we listed a selection of books to read about each topic.


Click the link below if you want to get our summarized powerpoint presentation:

How to get the interview and win the job.pdf

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