We'll show you how to quickly gain new skills


Learn code

Codecademy offers a wide range of coding classes. For free.
Knowing code will become more and more important. We're not saying you should become an expert, but it's free and useful, so give it a try.


Learn how to make a website

Making a website is SOOO difficult.

No it's not. Visit and find out how easy it actually is to make a decent looking website. Hint: we did.



Learn about everything

Kahn Academy is an educational organisation.
They provide free education - world class content - for anyone to access anywhere.

From basic arithmentics to investment strategy and history, Kahn Academy is a great place to start learning through videos and exercises.


Free online courses from top universities

Attending classes from Yale might not be on your schedule for tomorrow, but it could be.

Coursera brings content and classes from top universities in reach of the average person.
Yale, Princeton and Stanford are just three of over 145 universities across 28 countries partnering with Coursera to bring education to the internet.