We'll show you where to find our favorite Youtube channels

Gary Vaynerchuck

Social Media Guru (and everything else)

Gary Vaynerchuk will get you off your ass and start moving. 



Self-improvement book summaries

On FightMediocrity, some of the best self-improvement books have been summarized and animated. Great stuff


Complicated stuff made simple.

"One video a month. Quality > Quantity"

C.G.P. Grey

Politics, economics, geography and British culture

C.G.P. Grey brings quality educational material in a funny way.

Complicated stuff explained in a funny way

Exurb1a explains some smart stuff like hyperloop and theories of everything but ads a bunch of humor to it.

Smart people talking about cool stuff

TED brings the smartest people in the world to your doorstep.

Listen to what they have to say.


Another animated book reviews channel

OnePercentBetter is a very nice channel with a lot of nice animated book reviews just like Callibrain and FightMediocrity

Take less than 10 minutes to watch one.


Book video reviews

You can learn a lot by reading or listening to a book but a nice way to preview and/or recap is a book review. Callibrain has some of the best books (in our opinion) and reviews them in a nice and clear way.

Have a look.

Brother & Friend, traveling photographer and timelapse videographer.

Matthew has taught us a lot about social media marketing and shown us that persistence is key to achieving success online.

We see the world through his lens.