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I figured there’s no reason not to do a weekly newsletter kind of thing. I also don’t want to let it go to waste in your inbox so crossposting it here! 🙂


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Celebrities meditate, do you?

Meditation basics by exurb1a

Funny video about the history of the entire world

Vox’ channel consistently amazes me with great, short video’s that I can learn from

Same for One Percent Better

Did you know food waste is the 3rd biggest polluter ?


Youtube channels I’m really enjoying this week/binge watching more than I should:

Munchies -> Fuck that’s delicious = inspiration for cooking show Matjoez & me are starting soon (I hope)

Matthew Vandeputte

Jake Rich

Sam Evans

David Dobrik

Music I’m listening to:

Palms Trax Boiler Room Dekmantel Sao Paolo (also: only a little over 2 months until Dekmantel 2017! Super excited)

Karizma Boiler Room & Ballantine’s True Music South Africa DJ Set


I’m a big fan of Wattcost and preordered one. It’s a device that figures out your home and let’s you save electricity and thus money and the planet.

I vlog’d about it here.

If you’re keen to order one, you can do so here. We both get 15$ off if you use this link 😉


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