Weekly Wednesday 003

I figured there’s no reason not to do a weekly newsletter kind of thing. I also don’t want to let it go to waste in your inbox so crossposting it here! 🙂


If you know someone who’ll benefit from reading this, please tell them about us 😉
Last week’s newsletter here.


We redesigned our homepage – let us know what you think!


The books page is up next – basically starting from scratch and linking it to a database so we can put up content more easily.



Interesting infographic about megatrends and future technologies (click)

Tim Ferriss’ Fear{less} first episode aired. You can watch it here.

CGP grey did a video on how not to be happy – try doing the opposite 😀

I was impressed by these new images of Jupiter

How social media can make us feel sad:

Science of Persuasion – taken from Influence – a great book by Robert Cialdini:

What we read this week and upcoming reads:

Almost finished The Tao of Seneca and can definitely recommend this book on stoicism.
Makes you think about a lot of things. Bite-sized content (letters) makes it easy to consume.

Upcoming reads are  Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and Plato’s Republic.


Books wishlist – let us know which ones we should read!


Our favourite books on Kit.com:


Youtube channels/video’s I’m really enjoying this week:

Chicken Connoiseur – what a legend.


Check out what events I’ll attend next week here: http://readroute.com/calendar/