Weekly Wednesday 004

I figured there’s no reason not to do a weekly newsletter kind of thing. I also don’t want to let it go to waste in your inbox so crossposting it here! 🙂

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Upcoming content:

In the next couple of weeks, we’re going to write articles and produce videos about the following:

  • Lifehack: iPhone keyboard shortcuts
  • Lessons from business for your personal life – Finance
  • How to keep a structured reading list
  • Vlogging & Self development – Lessons after 1 month
  • How to email

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Ideas for content are – of course – more than welcome!


What we read this week and upcoming reads:

Finished Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and almost finished Plato’s Republic. Both are very good reads and I get why they are deemed classics. They make you think and the fact that both of them are centuries old are even more impressive.

Upcoming reads are 3 books from the HBR ’10 Must Reads’ Series:

Books wishlist – let us know which ones we should read!

Our favourite books on Kit.com:


Interesting reads:

How Dropbox, Airbnb, Groupon and others acquired their first users

The Disruptors Handbook – a website with a bunch of short ebooks on different subjects.

If you want a short explanation of Ethereum, why and how it’s different than bitcoin, read this article.


Interesting Youtube videos:

Where I’ll be next week:

Check out what events I’ll attend next week here: http://readroute.com/calendar/

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